Welcome to the V40 Website

Vince Forte is the Principal of V40. He trained at Cambridge and London Universities, qualifying as a doctor in 1986 and as a General Practitioner in 1992. He has worked as a GP and Forensic Physician in East Anglia since 1994, and has been active in medical writing for a similar time. He is a full-time GP and experienced independent acute psychiatric assessor under S(12) of the Mental Health Act. He is also an inventor.

Vince is a keen and efficient writer, able to write on almost any topic, style tailored for medical and non-medical audiences. He has had over 500 articles on a wide variety of topics published since 1994, in a variety of publications and media. He is a confident public speaker, presenter and broadcaster, and has extensive experience of consultancy work to the pharmaceutical industry.

Whatever the client or audience for a given proposal, v40 offers fast and frank appraisal of initial briefs, and honours subsequent agreements and confidentiality.

We have provided links to publicly visible examples and reviews of his published work.